Monday, August 1, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Redone

My weekend finally ended. FINALLY. Shaun and I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fixing a disaster in our kitchen. It all started out by us staining the bathroom cabinets darker. I loved it! So I thought, why not the kitchen?? We have always wanted darker cabinets. When the house was being built, we were living in TN at the time so we had to pick out everything via phone. This is supposedly the darkest they have. -_-

So we (Shaun) started to stain the cabinets.

It was looking so good. He had finished all of it.. then you know what I did? I accidently knocked the stain over! Oooops. It looked horrible!!!!!!

So what should of looked like this:

Looked like this: (After we tried to fix it by adding more stain to try to even it out.. again and again)

So a few tears later, I decided we should just paint them. So we sanded the cabinets down.. put two coats of primer on, and added 4 coats of Better Homes and Garden Country Covered Bridge paint.

Okay, well Shaun did. But I kept him company.
So our ending result was this:

We are thinking of adding a shiny coat to it. And knobs. But I am all DIYed out. This weekend was so stressful. I am happy to have my kitchen back.

I still need to do tiny touchups and figure out a way to get the paint off my floor. But, I am happy with the end results.



  1. Wow the after is amazing! Love it-and great job! Pat yourselves on the back for all your hard work!

  2. Well for everything you went through to get to where you are, it was worth it! They look amazing from the pictures! Please keep up the awesome DIY projects when you are recovered from this one! I LOVE what you have done so far! Gives me hope that what I have started doing for myself will all be worth it! :)