Monday, July 25, 2011

Ugly dresser turned into a buffet table

Ugh, where to begin. Have you ever had a bedroom furniture that just made you cringe? I hated the sight of this 1980's disaster of a dresser. I blame Shaun ;) he bought it from a family member when he came back from Iraq (he just needed furniture asap and settled.) When we first moved into our home, we put the furniture in our guest bedroom.. so WARNING, here is the before.


Double gag!

I was bound and determined to turn this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.. or a buffet table. First, I took off the hutch..

I am currently trying to figure out how this will fit in my trash can. But anywho, I sanded down the actual dresser.. and painted the bottom portion white.

And then I had my hubby stain the top! It matches my dining room table.

This is it so far..

Sucha cutie! And the dresser isn't so bad either ;)

I added these BEAUTIFUL baskets I got at Goodwill! Can you believe it? GOODWILL is uhmazing. They were only $2.99 a piece! So I dusted my hands of the high Target basket prices and put these bad boys in my cart.

I found these super cute knobs from the hob lob for 50% off. *$1.50 a piece*

Then I decorated it with... Fall things. Yes yes yes I know it is only July but I can't control myself. I lurve fall. I found these buffet lamps at walmart for ten bucks a piece and this garland at hob lob for 5 bucks! The clock was from Kirklands and I just put a charger behind it. This potpourri canister is from Kirklands as well... that I got for FREE with a coupon! It is filled with apple cinnamon yummy goodness. And the adorable kettle is from goodwill, a $5 beauty.

Then lastly, I found this wine rack at goodwill for 4 dollars, spray painted it black and there ya go.

So my finished buffet looks like this!......

*Pats self on back* I am so happy with the way it turned out. This was my first DIY project and boy am I hooked! O and I can't forget my bacon smelling candle..

*Inhales deeply* 

I am going to go stare at my creation. See you in the next post!



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