Sunday, October 30, 2011

Refill your plugins for cheap!

I hate spending so much money on those darn plug-ins but they are a must in my house! I found a way to be frugal about it!

Step 1:
Take your plugin and take the lid off as well as the cigarette looking thing.

Step 2:

Take your favorite detergent, fabric softner, or even aroma oil and fill about 1/3 of the way.

Step 3:
Fill the rest with water and shake!

Step 4:
Put lid and cig thingy back on! VOILA!

Step 5:
Plug it in!

DIY Febreeze!

Why is Febreeze so expensive???? Well, I'll never buy it again after I learned how to make my own!
First you will need an empty spray bottle (you can even use your empty Febreeze bottle).
You will also need fabric softner or even detergent.
Pour enough to fill about 1/4 of the bottle up.

Then add a tablespoon of baking soda.
Fill the rest of the bottle with water!
And BAM! Spray stuff!
It smells so good! I think I have sprayed every inch of fabric in my house.. and even my dogs.. with this stuff.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A little taste of fall...

YAY! My favorite time of the year is here! It is still in the triple digits here and it's killing me! I am so so ready to wear scarf's and boots. Until then, I'll just make it seem like its 60 degrees outside.
 I added a few dollar tree pumpkins to this dresser, which is in our living room. 

 I bought this candle holder at a goodwill. It was baby poop green so I painted it black. I added a hobby lobby candle wrapped with some kind of ball type thing I also bought at hobby lobby.
 I picked this up from Kirklands! LOVE!
 My hubby surprised me with a bunch of candles last week. This one is cranberry woods and it smells o so good!
 More dollar tree pumpkins 
 I bought this table from Hobby Lobby.. it sits in our foyer.
 I've got my all time favorite candle burning: LEAVES from BBW! O MAN you have to get one of these!
 Our coffee table is boring.. with a glittery table runner from Hob Lob and some kind of leaf candel holder from Kirklands I bought last year for like 2 dollars.
 I obviously need to do something about this.. not really cute.
 Our fireplace just has some garland and pumpkins.. nothing fancy 


 These are actually out all year.. lol I love fall!
 And some more random fall things around the house.

 Have you tried this one? Smells soooo good!
And this is in our guest bathroom..

So I have a lot more to do! But my toes are in the water... It's hard to really really start decorating for fall when it's 104 out. 


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Monday, September 19, 2011

My FREE dresser!

So a lady Shaun works with had a dresser she wanted to get rid of. HELLO FREE! So here is the before:
I think I see why she wanted to get rid of it.
So I started sanding while watching 'Up All Night'.
Then LAYERED on white paint. The husband hates it when I paint stuff white (which is everything) but pff, what do men know anyway.
I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few knobs for 1.50 each and here is the finished project!
It only cost me $9! I don't know what to do with it now though.. thought?


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dollar Tree Hurricanes

So I was at Dollar Tree yesterday looking at Halloween decorations and I came across these.
Sooo I decided to make my own hurricanes! I used super glue (gel) because I ran out of hot glue gun sticks :(

 And glued them together!

This is what they looked liked

I filled them with pretty fall stuff I picked up from the Dollar Tree as well

But, I wanted candles instead
For $2 a piece, I love em :)


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

House Tour

Some people that read this blog do not know what I create Youtube beauty videos. A lot of people always ask about my decorations in the background and my number one requested video is a house tour. I finally filmed one! :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Redone

My weekend finally ended. FINALLY. Shaun and I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fixing a disaster in our kitchen. It all started out by us staining the bathroom cabinets darker. I loved it! So I thought, why not the kitchen?? We have always wanted darker cabinets. When the house was being built, we were living in TN at the time so we had to pick out everything via phone. This is supposedly the darkest they have. -_-

So we (Shaun) started to stain the cabinets.

It was looking so good. He had finished all of it.. then you know what I did? I accidently knocked the stain over! Oooops. It looked horrible!!!!!!

So what should of looked like this:

Looked like this: (After we tried to fix it by adding more stain to try to even it out.. again and again)

So a few tears later, I decided we should just paint them. So we sanded the cabinets down.. put two coats of primer on, and added 4 coats of Better Homes and Garden Country Covered Bridge paint.

Okay, well Shaun did. But I kept him company.
So our ending result was this:

We are thinking of adding a shiny coat to it. And knobs. But I am all DIYed out. This weekend was so stressful. I am happy to have my kitchen back.

I still need to do tiny touchups and figure out a way to get the paint off my floor. But, I am happy with the end results.